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RELAXOR®  #926
5 Motor Massaging Seat Topper
with Soothing Nature Sounds

5 massaging motor seat topper with soothing nature sounds.  Adds massage. sound therapy plus soothing heat to any chair for home, office or auto use.

5 Massaging motors in
5 strategically placed zones
- (1) neck area
- (1) shoulder area
- (1) mid-back area
- (1) lower back area
- (1) under the thigh area
Soothing heat in the lower lumbar area
6 Environmental nature sounds

Awake to the 
cheerful sounds 
of nature's 
chorus line.


Dozens of customized settings
User friendly control want that operates the massage, sound and heat features
3 Styles of massage:

A gentle breeze
sends forth these
 tones of harmony
and grace

SELECT - isolate a specific massage zone
WAVE -  for a wave-like sensation
ALL - an all over massage

Nature's nocturnal 
symphony of 
crickets and frogs 
serenade you

LO-MED-HIGH intensity
Variable massage speed
Ergonomically designed for comfort and support

Leave unwanted
noise behind with
 this cascade of
soothing sound

Fits most chairs easily
Use in the home, office or car
Automatic 15 minute shut-off timer

The reassuring beat 
of human warmth 
will soothe the 
child in all of us

Headphone outlet for private listening
2 Dual full frequency speakers
Advanced engineering design for optimal listening

Lose yourself in
 the continuous
rhythm of ocean
waves rolling


1 Year Limited Warranty
110v AC & Auto Adapter included

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