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12 Motor Premium Seat Topper
with Soothing Heat

This nine motor Cervical/Lumbar seat topper with soothing heat is designed ergonomically for maximum cervical and lumbar support.  Instantly converts to home, office or auto use.



12 Motors strategically placed in five zones:
1) 3 Motors in the lower neck and upper shoulders
2) 3 Motors in the mid-back
3) 2 Motors in the lumbar area
4) 2 Motors, one under each upper thigh area
5) 2 Motors, one under each lower thigh area
4 Styles of massage:
SELECT - isolates a specific massage zone
WAVE -  for a wave-like sensation
PULSE - Gentle throbbing in all areas
VARIATION THERAPY - programmed sequences for upper and mid back
Two levels of heat in lumbar area with or without massage
Variable Speed and intensity
15 & 30 Minute shut-off timers
Dozens of programmable features
Easy to use stat-of-the-art control wand
Handsome North American design and engineering
Ergonomically designed for optimum support and comfort
Low voltage motors enhance safety
1 Year Limited Warranty
110v AC & Auto Adaptor included

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