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Full Body Mats and 
Lounge Topper Massage

Indulge yourself with a head-to-toe massage with one of 
Relaxor®'s full body massage units.  They are available 
in a variety of styles with 7 to 12 motor massage units.  
For a firmer, Shiatsu-style massage we also offer 
DEEP KNEAD™ technology.
Premium 12 Motor Massage
Lounge Topper with Soothing Heat
12 massaging motors with soothing heat.  Features dozens of settings for an all over massage.  AC adaptor included.  Great on lounger, Sofa, Recliner or Bed.
7 Motor Full Body Soft Tissue 
Massage Mat with Soothing Heat
Dozens of programmable features to suit you own individual needs.  Enjoy a soothing massage with heat while relaxing at home on your lounger, bed or sofa.  Wall AC adaptor included.
9 Motor Full Body Soft Tissue Massage Mat
 with Flip Pillow and Soothing Heat
This full body massage mat has a built-in adjustable flip pillow for support and comfort.  The unique membrane microprocessor controlled wand has dozens of programmable features for a personalized massage.  It is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hands.  Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage while at home on your lounger, bed or sofa.  Wall AC adaptor included.
RELAXOR® Deep Knead™ Orbitor™ #1061
8 Motor Massaging Full Body Mat with Deep
Knead™ Orbiting Shiatsu and Soothing Heat
8 Massaging motors: 6 Soft Tissue Massaging Motors and 2 Deep Knead™ Orbiting Shiatsu motors. A revolutionary technological design that uses the same mechanical motors found in an expensive massage chair.  Experience full relaxation.  Great for use at home, on your lounger, bed or sofa.  Dozens of programmable features.  AC adaptor included.

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