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Interactive/Specific Massage

Relaxor® offers a full line of personal wellness products that are tailored to interactive massage and/or are designed to maximize relaxation and comfort for specific parts of you body.  Our full line of wellness products are designed to literally treat you to 
customized personal therapy from head to toe!
Portable Neck and Shoulder Massager
with Soothing Heat
4 Massaging motors with soothing heat, 15 customized settings to create you own personalized massage anywhere, anytime.  Operated on 4 "AA" batteries (not included) or optional AC or Auto adaptors (both included).
Regenesis® the hand held massager 
with twin detachable heads
Rejuvenate tired muscles at home or the office.  Powerful twin heads massage your body like the hands of a professional masseur. 
RELAXOR®  #273
4-in-1 Hot and Cold Massage Therapy 
Support Belt with Removable Magnetic Strips
The Hot & Cold Therapy Support Belt has a removable hot/cold gel pack to offer effective and convenient application of hot or cold therapy.  The support belt offers 3 built-in motors for a full spectrum massage.  Easily adjusts for optimal back support.  The two adjustable magnetic strips can be moved into any of 4 positions for maximum effect,.  Great for use anytime... anywhere.
RELAXOR®  #270
Thermal Massager with
Aromatherapy Moist Heat
The Relaxor® Thermal Massager is designed to give moist, soothing relief with deep penetrating heat, vibrating massage and calming aromatherapy.  Relieves neck strain, muscle knots and aching shoulders.  it can also be used on other areas of the body.
RELAXOR®  #710
Swirl & Soothe® Foot Therapy for
Tired, Aching Feet
Powerful kneading motors create a soothing forward and reverse rolling action that helps tired, aching feet maintain flexibility, circulation and relieve tension.  Swirl & Soothe® can also be used to massage the lower back, neck, calves and arm muscles.

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