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RELAXOR®  #722
Stereo Sound Therapy
AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock and Remote

Awake to soothing nature sounds, AM/FM stereo or alarm.

12 sounds in total
Featuring these 6 additional sounds:
(see Relaxor® 721 for other sounds)
12 Soothing sounds of nature
Mix any two sounds together; up to 144 combinations
2 Hi-Fi full range stereo speakers
Sound Balance volume control
Unique remote control unit (operates from anywhere in the room)

Relax to the
melodious songs
of marine

Refresh yourself
with the pattering
sounds of
rejuvenating rain

Hear the gentle
rustling of colorful
leaves as the
season changes

Feel the
excitement of
rolling and
cracking thunder

Trickling, bubbling
and swirling around
rocks and boulders
to ease your day

Nature play its
daily sounds of
harmony and

Remote control storage area
Large LCD time display
8 Minute snooze button
30-60-90 Minute, continuous play timer
Battery or AC powered
Headphone and Multi-Media speaker jack
Scanning feature
Detachable base
Wall mounting kit included
Clock powered by 1"AAA" battery (included)
Sounds powered by 4 C-cell batteries (not included) or AC adaptor (included).  Remote battery included
1 Year Limited Warranty
AC Adapter included

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