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Relaxor® Calming Pools™
An ancient answer for twenty-first century stress

Relaxor® offers a variety of ways to bring the beauty of nature indoors, to you home or office.  Calming Pools™ provide a soothing combination of the sound and sight of water bubbling, dancing, glimmering and pooling tantalizingly over and under rocks and slate, creating a calming, stress-free atmosphere.  Accessories may be moved and rearranged to create your own unique and personal look.  Each kit includes submersible water pump, stand and decorative ornaments.

Relaxor® #280
Resin bowl, iron stand, slate, rocks, Relaxor® stone and decorative driftwood.

Relaxor® #284
Resin bowl, iron stand, slate, rocks, driftwood with flowering moss, Relaxor® stone and frog.

Relaxor® #296
Special promotional unit features a large, square double tiered platform with rocks and frog.

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